SGR0208 Queen of the Jungle Amazons - Giantess War - Giantess Gia vs Chloe 'Glamazon' Davis

Canadian Amazon Gia the Giant has so far been unimpressed with the competition on her visit to the UK, completely decimating Inferno (see SGR0202).  


But now she faces, literally, her biggest challenge as the Glamazon Chloe Davis stands before her.


Gia has heard of Chloe’s claim to “Queen of the Jungle Amazons” and has come

from across the Atlantic Ocean to claim that crown.


The two giants of the female wrestling world square off in a series of test of strengths including finger locked test of strength, arm wrestling, bearhug and double head scissors.


They take it down to the mats, and you can see by their expressions that neither are used to matching up against an opponent who can match them in size and strength.


Headscissors, bodyscissors and boston crabs are used to sap the strength of their rival, but finally one women is pinned down to the mat and grapevined, her incredibly long legs spread wide until she reluctantly has to admit defeat to a truly more powerful woman.


Who will win this clash of the titans, the Canadian Gia the Giant or the British Glamazon Chloe Davis


Chloe Davis wears a leopard print bikini

Gia the Giant wears a black and leopard print bikini


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