SGR0207 Axa Jay snaps him in Two!!

Axa Jay makes a welcome return to the SGR studio as she steps onto the mats to take on Russ.  Russ is taller and heavier than Axa, but the blonde is a skilled wrestler adept at subduing larger opponents.


Unfortunately for Russ, Axa’s in a particular sadistic mood and wants to snap him in two.  His back is the main target of her relentless assault as stretches him in a variety of back bending holds including boston crabs, camel clutches, surfboards and over the knee backbreakers.


Keen to add to his humiliation she grabs his cock and balls, and there is little the big man can do to resist, particularly when stretched over her knee.


He groans in agony begging her to stop the assault, but Axa’s in the mood to punish, and punish she does.  Only relenting when she has had enough flexing her muscles over his defeated and tortured body with her foot placed on his balls.


Axa Jay wears a purple spandex micro thong bikini with purple arm and ankle ties

Russ wears shiny sky blue lycra posing pouch shorts


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