SGR0206 Lifted, Slammed, Squashed - Killpussy Crushes Luna Toxxxic

Luna Toxxxic is brave and fearless, however this gets her into situations which can cause her great difficulties, and today is no exception.


The petite blonde has stepped onto the SGR mats for a wrestling match, but little does she know that her opponent today is the Thunder from Down Under and original SGR wrestler, Killpussy.


This is a squash match of epic proportions as the powerful New Zealand Amazon is free to have her way with Luna and going to enjoy it.


She creeps up behind Luna Toxxxic before lifting her up and slamming her to the mat before crashing down on her in a body splash.


Luna is repeatedly lifted up and subjected to torture racks followed by bodysplashes, her face and body contorted in agony, as Killpussy laughs at her misfortune.

The tall and powerful blonde Amazon throws her around with ease, eventually she grows bored and kneels and poses over the broken and battered form of Luna Toxxxic’s body.


Luna Toxxxic wears a turquoise micro spandex thong bikini

Killpussy wears a black lycra leotard, shiny pantyhose white pro kneepads and white pro wrestling boots.


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