SGR0205 Japanese Pro-Style Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Ms F Rank

In our first Japanese Pro-Style Catfight (SGR0196), Mistress Amrita destroyed Axa Jay, forcing her to relinquish her costume and endure endless pussyslapping.  We loved it and you loved it, the problem was we were struggling to find another challenger after Axa’s complete destruction.


Along comes rookie, Ms F Rank, a petite pig-tailed blonde who steps up for the challenge. Unfortunately for Ms F Rank, Amrita is a legend in this type of match-up who started her career on the Pro-Style Catfight leagues in the underground clubs of Tokyo.


From the outset it is clear that the younger girl is out of her depth as Amrita bodyslams her to the mat, and then forces her to endure a Pro-Style Catfight lesson she will never forget.


Ms F Rank’s supple young body is stretched to its limits in surfboards, camel clutches, boston crabs, lotus locks and numerous other holds.


Amrita humiliates her by spreading Ms F Rank’s crotch and exposing her pussy barely covered by the shiny spandex swimsuit at every opportunity.


The Japanese legend repeatedly wedgies and slaps her pussy, delighting in the humiliation of her pig-tailed young victim.


Once she has grown bored of dominating Ms F Rank, Amrita adds to her growing collection of trophies forcing her to give up her swimsuit.


Ms F Rank wears a blue and white shiny spandex swimsuit, blue pro kneepads, and blue wrestling boots


Mistress Amrita wears a shiny spandex purple swimsuit,  black kneepads and black wrestling shoes.


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