SGR0204 Intense Pro War - Scorpion vs Billy King

Billy King makes his SGR debut, as he faces off against Scorpion.  These two have history having met before on Sisterhood of Sin.


Whenever these two meet on the mats it's always a primal, competitive and sweaty encounter.


Scorpion is used to dominating her male challengers easily without much effort, but Billy King is a different proposition and she is going to have to bring her A-game, and her dirty tactics like grabbing his balls.


They lock up in a very even test of strength but it is Scorpion who is hip thrown to the mats and finds herself in the very unusual position of being pinned down by a man.


It’s most definitely on, the name of this site is Strong Girls Rule, and there is no way in hell that Scorpion is going to let a man beat her.


Whilst Billy can match her in power, he’s not as experienced a wrestler and Scorpion is able to weaken him between her strong thighs, and camel clutch and boston crab.


Once she catches him in a dragon sleeper she is able to drain all the fight from Billy, and he finds himself like all the men who challenge the Strong Girls, prostrate on the mats whilst Scorpion flexes above his defeated corpse.


Scorpion wears a shiny gold spandex swimsuit and shiny pantyhose

Billy King wears shiny silver spandex trunks


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