SGR0203 Shiny Pro Domination - Chloe Davis crushes Laken

A SGR regular customs client from Asia has agreed a special competitive challenge with Scorpion whereby they both choose a fighter.  The client has chosen Laken with her super toned body. As there is a forfeit whereby whenever the chosen fighter scores a point either Scorpion or the client gets punished next time they meet, Scorpion is not taking any chances so she has chosen the Monster Among Women, Chloe Davis as her champion.


In this competitive match-up the rules are submissions, pins to 10 and bonus points for submissions earnt from reverse headscissors.


They start on their knees and The Glamazon immediately takes Laken down in side control, transitioning to full mount before stretching Laken wide in a grapevine pin.


No matter what Laken tries Chloe just womanhandles her pinning her, scissoring her, and crushing her with bearhugs.


As the submissions and pins rack up into double figures, you can see the frustration and pain building for Laken, she desperately doesn’t want to let her sponsor down, but Scorpion has chosen well.


The Glamazon destroys a valiant and game Laken, who must have been aching for days after the resounding beating she takes in this one.


Laken wears a shiny red spandex micro bikini and tanga thong

Chloe Davis wears a blue lycra front zipped body and tan shiny pantyhose


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