SGR0202 Lifted Slammed Squashed - Gia the Giant vs Inferno

The ladies from the UK have not been faring very well of lates against TransAtlantic competition, fed up with the situation, Inferno steps onto the SGR mats to try and get a tick in the win column for the British wrestlers.


Unfortunately for her standing across the mats is Gia the Giant, who dwarfs the redhead.  Inferno is a talented wrestler who can hold her own against most opponents but in this match she is in over her head.


They compare sizes and in every department even fingers, Gia is just bigger.  She hoists Inferno up with ease bearhugging her before dumping her to the mat splashing her and sitting on her with her full weight.  All Inferno can do is squirm in pain in the face of such overwhelming power.


The redhead is literally lifted, slammed and squashed multiple times, she is just a ragdoll in the grips of Gia the Giant, who takes delight in the pain and punishment she is inflicting.


By the end of this one Inferno is flat as a pancake on the mats well and truly squashed by her gigantic Canadian opponent.


Inferno wears a shiny spandex purple swimsuit, shiny tan pantyhose and black wrestling shoes

Gia the Giant wears a black lycra swimsuit, white shiny pantyhose, black knee high socks and black converse shoes.


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