SGR0201 The Complete Destruction of Laken

In the final of our commemorative SGR0200 compilations, we celebrate everybody’s favourite and sexiest jobber, Laken.


We’ve collated all of her most humiliating moments and defeats, here at SGR as she is submitted, defeated and humiliated by Krusha, Killpussy and Scorpion.


As a special treat we have also included a sneak peak at Laken’s biggest challenge, released later this month (SGR0203) as she takes on the Glamazon, Chloe Davis.


If you are a fan of watching Laken getting her crotch destroyed, being racked, trapped in boston crabs, smothered and defeated then this is the ultimate treat for you.


And if you are not a fan you soon will be and will see why Laken is one of our most requested wrestlers, even if she usually ends up destroyed on the mats!


For more Laken see:


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