SGR0200M Scorpion Destroys Them All - Mixed Wrestling

To celebrate reaching the milestone of SGR0200 we have a special treat for you.  We’ve created three commemorative compilation videos.


The second of these videos is a compliation of Scorpion doing what she likes to do best, destroying and humiliating men.


Many have challenged Scorpion and none have succeeded as she proves that Strong Girls do indeed rule.


This truly is a highlight reel as Scorpion destroys some of favourite SGR male talent including Porras, Bert, ChainMale and more on the mats and even in the woods!


She crushes cocks, scissors, facesits, smothers and stretches them all in the process of not only destroying their bodies but also their fragile male egos.


If watching a powerful woman destroy men then this is the compilation for you.


For more of Scorpion destroying men see:


SGR0144 Bend Him Stretch Him Break Him

SGR0134 Scorpion Takes Him Apart

SGR0131 Porras takes a Scissorhold thrashing from Scorpion

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