SGR0200F Scorpion Destroys Them All - Female Wrestling

To celebrate reaching the milestone of SGR0200 we have a special treat for you.  We’ve created three commemorative compilation videos.


The first features the original Strong Girl, Scorpion as she decimates female foes.  The redhead has cut a swathe through some of the best female wrestling talent the world has to offer, and now you can relive the best bits and all of her dirty tactics!


Some of the victims featured are Lisa King, Leftfield, Megan Jones, Gia Love, Blaze, Serena and Killpussy.


Relive some of our favourite moments as Scorpion camel clutches, boston crabs, surfboards, eye rakes and crotch punishes her female opponents


In the ring and on the mats all these ladies fell before Scorpion as she destroys them all!


For more of Scorpion destroying other females see:


SGR0149 Gia Love vs Scorpion Thong Leotard Dirty Tactics Pro War

SGR0146 Dirty Tactics Megan Jones vs Scorpion

SGR0081 Dirty Tactics Scorpion Dominates Leftfield

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