SGR0199 USA vs UK Goddess Anat demolishes Blaze

Lithe dancer Blaze (5’5” 62kg) hasn’t fared too well against American competition after getting destroyed by Queen Beth in SGR0188.  She’s hoping to regain transatlantic honor as she steps onto the mat too take on Goddess Anat (5’4” 70kg).


It’s a battle of contrasting body shapes as the muscular buxom Goddess Anat is confident on inflicting another loss on the lean cat-like Blaze.


And inflict another loss she does, Goddess Anat steamrolls over Blaze submitting and pinning her for 10 counts at will.  Poor Blaze’s flexibility is truly set to the test as she is contorted and spread, her body must have been aching for days after having to endure the rib breaking bearhugs of Goddess Anat’s muscular arms.


She is camel clutched, surfboards and leg spreaded, and all Blaze can do is wail in agony at the punishment she is forced to endure at the hands of the beautiful blonde American.


To add insult to injury Goddess Anat lifts her over her shoulders and parades her round the mats like she weighs nothing more than a feather, and the final humiliation comes when Goddess Anat stands on her defeated body flexes those biceps which only moments earlier were ravaging Blaze’s poor body.


Goddess Anat wears a turquoise shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny stirrup pantyhose

Blaze wears a purple shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny stirrup pantyhose hose and purple leg warmers


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