SGR0198 Scissor War - Scorpion vs Lady L

Muscle powerhouse Lady L had it easy in in her SGR debut as she dominated and destroyed petite blonde brawler London (see SGR0185).  This time she’s not got quite an easy task as she takes on the super-strong Scorpion, which is a whole different proposition.


There are not many wrestlers who can match Scorpion in the strength department, but one look at the muscles of Lady L indicates that she maybe even stronger. She has HUGE quads...27 inches!


There is only one way to find out as these two muscle women lock up on the SGR mats.


They lock fingers in a classic test of strength, and Lady L demonstrates her might as she forces Scorpion to the mats, but in turn finds herself trapped in a powerful bearhug.


It’s not until each manage to bring their powerful legs into play that the true battle begins, pain is etched across their faces as their muscles punish the other’s bodies.  Cries of anger and frustration echo around the studio as they trap each other in mutual body and headscissors.


The skin-tight costumes accentuate the leg muscles as each attempts to squeeze the life out of their opponent.


Has Scorpion finally met her match in the power department or will she end Lady L’s undefeated winning streak on the SGR Wrestling mats.


Lady L wears a shiny spandex gold thong leotard over matching leggings

Scorpion wears a shiny spandex black thong leotard over matching leggings


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