SGR0197 Giantess returns - Crazy Lifting Power

Princess Giantess is back!! All glorious 6 foot 3 inches and 120kg of her!

This time she is going to teach tiny hitwoman Luna Toxxxic a very important lesson. Luna stands at 5 foot nothing and weighs just 48kg. It’s a HUGE mismatch!


Luna enters Princess Giantess’s lair determined to end her once and for all.  As she enters she first spots an enormous pair of shoes which she tries on. The massive heels dwarf her tiny feet as she tries to walk.  Unperturbed, she finds Princess Giantess asleep in the corner, while she thinks out loud of how she will finish the sleeping victim and unbeknownst to her, Princess Giantess rouses.


Realisation dawns on Luna’s face and she turns round her face level with the amazon’s torso.  Luna peppers the giant blonde with punches which have no effect, in fact she just yawns.


Now it’s is Princess Giantess’s turn and oh man is Luna Toxxxic going to pay.  She is hoisted with ease and planted against the wall by her huge opponent. There is little she can do in the face of such overwhelming size and power.


What follows is a lifting extravaganza as Miss Toxxxic is hoisted and lifted by various body parts including her throat.  She is even made to endure those giant sized feet planted on her petite form and all she can do is squirm and cry out in pain.


If you love seeing a petite overconfident blonde, lifted and tortured by a true Giantess then this clip is for you.


Princess Giantess wears a white body and initially black high heels, taking them off for the lifts

Luna Toxxic begins wearing a black leather jacket, denim shorts and shiny flesh pantyhose, with black flat shoes, and black bra. The jacket is removed


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