SGR0196 Japanese Pro-Style Catfight - Mistress Amrita vs Axa Jay

Here at Strong Girls Rule we’ve been wanting to produce a Pro-Style Japanese Catfight for awhile, and who better to demonstrate how it’s done then Japanese Legend, Mistress Amrita, and her brave challenger popular British grappler, the beautiful Axa Jay.


Before the action begins there is a brief interview with each lady, where they give a brief background of their wrestling experience, favourite holds, and show off their outfits and shapely bodies.


The powerful Axa Jay has cut a swathe through the UK competition and is confident, but this match is style which Mistress Amrita has wrestled many times in her long career.


Axa puts up her hands for a test of strength but the devious Mistress Amrita gives her a gut punch for her troubles dropping Axa to the mats.  The Japanese superstar softens her up with multiple stomps to the beautiful blonde Brit’s sexy body. A few more punches and Mistress Amrita has Axa Jay just where she wants her.


It’s time to see how flexible Axa Jay is Japanese style as Mistress Amrita goes to work with leg spreads, octopus holds, armbars, headscissors, lotus locks, banana splits and camel clutches.  


Axa has her moments of fight back, but once Mistress Amrita has her body contorted in a perfect Octopus Hold, the British wrestler’s legs splayed wide while she grabs her swimsuit and pulls it’s thong right up between Axa’s legs.


The blonde’s screams and moans echo throughout the studio as she has to concede defeat.  Axa thought having her legs spread and being wedgied was humiliating enough, but this is a Japanese Pro-Style Catfight, and as is tradition she is forced to strip off and hand over her swimsuit as the ultimate humiliation.


Axa Jay wears a red and white open backed shiny spandex thong swimsuit, white pro kneepads and white pro wrestling boots


Mistress Amrita wears a black shiny spandex thong swimsuit, black kneepads and black wrestling shoes


If you want to see more of this style of match please let us know


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