SGR0195 Amazon Test of Strength - Chloe Davies vs Killpussy

It is an old wrestling adage of the irresistible force meeting the immovable object and that’s epitomised in this match-up as the The Glamazon, Chloe Davis takes on the Thunder from Down Under, Killpussy.


These two amazons clash in a series of test of their power including fingerlocked test of strength, arm wrestling, bearhug and double headscissors.


At the end of these contests the scores are tied so they begin to battle on the mats, the matroom can barely contain these two mighty amazons as they continue to match power against power with scissors, bearhugs, more fingerlocks and grapevines.


Eventually one of these behemoths can take no more as she is picked off of her feet in a powerful breath and strength sapping bearhug, and has to concede the match, but threatens revenge against her foe.


Chloe Davis wears an animal print bikini

Killpussy wears an animal print bikini


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