SGR0194 Dirty tactics - Scorpion vs London

One almost feels sorry for London as she enters Scorpion’s lair for a dirty tactics, does the petite London know what she has let herself in for.


Scorpion is a skilled wrestler, but enjoys delving into her playbook of dirty tactics, especially when it helps her humiliate and dominate another wrestler.


London is subjected to a torturous humiliation as Scorpion punishes her crotch, rakes her with her nails and punches London’s stomach.  Mixed in with this is a variety of pro-holds including sharpshooter, surfboard, over the knee backbreaker and figure four leglock..


The humiliation finally ends when Scorpion ties London up, makes her sign a forfeit form  while biting her foot before spraying a noxious substance in her eyes.


Scorpion wears a red dress before stripping down to a red micro thong bikini with nude pantyhose

London wears a white dress with black heels before stripping down to a white thong bikini with nude shiny pantyhose


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