SGR0192 No Mercy! Goddess Anastaxia breaks a big boy into tiny pieces

Goddess Anastaxia is a blonde vision of beauty, the type of woman who turns heads and would equally be at home on a catwalk.  Unfortunately for her victim today, she is also a lethal badass, with a nasty streak a mile long…. As he is about to find out.


There is no nonsense in this one, Anastaxia basically fucks him up and takes him to punishment central.


Wicked armbars, legsplits, headscissors, bodyscissors and camel clutches leave her male victim writhing in agony.


She chokes him with her pantyhose clad feet against the wall.  She is relentless in her destruction of this poor bloke.


Even in victory there is no let up as she flexes in a victory pose whilst trampling over his defeated body with her foot on his face.


There is a simple lesson from this clip…. Do not cross an angry Goddess Anastaxia, because it will hurt for days after,


Goddess Anastaxia wears a neon pink lycra leotard and shiny pantyhose

The victim wears a black shirt with yellow trim and black shorts.


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