SGR0191 Dirty Tactics - Luna Toxxxic vs Scorpion

One almost feels sorry for Luna Toxxxic, her cousin Luciano has set her up.  He’s offered her cash to wrestle the mighty Scorpion.


The deluded Luna thinks she is in for a fair fight, and goes over the ground rules at the start, but the dastardly Scorpion has other ideas, she’s going to inflict upon Luna all of the dirty tactics which they agreed not to do at the start.


This is an utter annihilation as Scorpion destroys Luna with boston crabs, backbreakers, romero holds and figure four leglocks, and normally that would be enough.


Scorpion reaches into her dirty tactics playbook and rakes Luna’s eyes and crotch and bites her feet.


Already at a distinct height and weight disadvantage there is no hope for Luna as her cousin gets what he wants as Scorpion decimates her.


Scorpion wears a white dress and heels before stripping down to a micro shiny silver spandex thong bikini and pantyhose


Luna Toxxxic wears a black dress and heels before stripping down to shiny emerald green spandex tanga thong micro bikini and pantyhose.


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