SGR0190 Belly and Crotch Destruction - Krusha punishes Laken

The mighty Krusha certainly lives up to her name today as she crushes poor dancer, Laken.  Not satisfied in overpowering and hurting her, Krusha literally wants to dominate and destroy her.


And the powerful Krusha has two specific targets in mind as she tenderises Laken’s impressive abs and mangles her delicate crotch.


As punches, claws, headbutts and stomps rain down onto her nether regions, we can only imagine that Laken is regretting wearing a skimpy tanga thong which provides Krusha with unhindered access.


There is little Laken can do but writhe, arch and cry out in agony as the punishment continues, we know Laken is a game competitor but she certainly picked the wrong opponent in the maniacal Krusha who laughs as she inflicts pain.


It only ends when Krusha gets bored of punishing Laken, leaving her on the mats a broken woman.


Krusha wears a black shiny lycra swimsuit with high shine pantyhose 40 denier sheer to waist

Laken wears a shiny pink spandex tanga micro thong bikini


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