SGR0189 Dirty Tactics - Chloe Davis destroys Scorpion

Chloe Davis isn’t called the Glamazon for a reason, this 6’3” amazon is the most dominant wrestler at SGR Wrestling.  Therefore it wasn’t a good idea for Scorpion to annoy her and particularly when she has brought a rope to the party.


Scorpion is chatting on the telephone when the Glamazon attacks from behind knocking her to the ground and binding her ankles with the rope.


It’s all down hill from there as Chloe punishes the redhead with fish-hook camel clutches, boston crabs, eye rakes, but its poor Scorpion’s crotches which is reserved for the worst of the punishment.


Her delicate lady parts are absolutely a target for an enraged Chloe Davis as they a raked whilst in an over the knee backbreaker, stomped on and low-blowed.


A weakened Scorpion is subjected to reverse romero, dragon sleeper, figure four leg locks, bearhugged, lifted and generally steamrolled by a Chloe Davis in top dominant form.


All Scorpion can do is  plead for mercy in the face of the relentless  assault.


Chloe Davis wears a white Niké bikini

Scorpion wears a strappy micro thong animal print bikini with Platino cleancut 15 shiny nude pantyhose


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