SGR0188 Lifted Slammed Squashed Queen Beth vs Blaze - Shiny Pro

Lithe dancer Blaze has bitten off more than she can handle when she challenges American visitor Queen Beth on her recent visit to the UK.


On paper and during their size comparison the two wrestlers appear evenly matched in height, weight and muscle, but once the match begins the powerful visitor completely dominates Blaze in a spectacular display of pure domination.


Never before has the raven haired Blaze been so completely destroyed.


Queen Beth just steamrolls the Brit, lifting her. Bearhugging her, splashing her and racking her.  Blaze is just tortured putty at the hands of the American.


Her whimpers and cries of agony echo around the studio as her body, particularly her back are completely destroyed.

A final prolonged torture rack spells the end of Blaze as Queen Beth flexes her impressive biceps with a foot planted on the Brit’s defeated form.


Blaze wears a micro silver shiny spandex bikini with white pro kneepads and shiny silver arm ties


Queen Beth wears a micro black shiny spandex bikini with black pro kneepads and shiny black arm ties


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