SGR0186 Dirty Tactics - Saharra Huxley vs Scorpion

Saharra Huxley and Scorpion have met before in America and each time, the Amazon as humiliated and destroyed the Brit.


This time the battle is on Scorpion’s own turf and she has challenged the Behemoth Huxley to a no disqualification wrestling match.


Scorpion is already waiting in the SGR mat room when Saharra arrives, as she goes to put her bag down, Scorpion bushwhacks her to try and obtain an early advantage.  The redheaded British grappler also sets the tone for the encounter by digging one of her high heels into the American’s crotch, raking her eyes and biting her foot.


Things are looking good for Scorpion until The Hux decides she’s had quite enough and punishes the Brit with eye rakes and finger rakes of her own.  She even reaches into her bag and squeezes an orange getting the acidic juice into Scorpion’s eyes making her howl in agony.


The American juggernaut goes to work stomping Scorpion and punishing her in cloverleafs, camel clutches, dragon sleeper, choking her with a rope and whipping her with it.


After Scorpion has to concede the match Huxley leads her round the room like a dog.


Scorpion wears red lace bra and panties with shiny nude pantyhose and briefly strappy black high heels


Saharra Huxley wears her trademark black bodysuit with black fishnets and black pro kneepads and black leather wrist guards


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