SGR0185 Powerhouse Lady L debuts - Test of Strength Total Domination

American Powerhouse Lady L makes her SGR debut and her first opponent to step onto the mats to challenge her is the diminutive but fearless London.


You have to admire London’s courage she never backs down from a challenge and always steps onto the mats with a significant size disadvantage, but she is supremely confident that she can show this newbie a thing or two.


Even when they compare biceps, legs and bums, London is still cocky and assured of victory.


Lady L simply overpowers and destroys her whether it’s with rib breaking bearhugs and scissorholds, arm wrestling or fingerlocked tests of strength.  Lady L’s power is simply too much for London who is destroyed by this FBB, her courage and experience counts for nothing in the face of such overwhelming strength.


It ends with a smiling Lady L flexing and posing above a destroyed London laid flat on the mats.


Lady L wears a gold shiny spandex catsuit

London wears a white lycra swimsuit with shiny pantyhose and white pro kneepads


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