SGR0184 Luna destroys Scorpion's Knee

Scorpion has tweaked her knee in training, but still is brave enough to step onto the SGR mats to face the powerful Luna.


Whilst Scorpion’s bravery is admirable in not forfeiting the match, this is a decision which will come back to her haunt her as Luna systematically targets the weakened limb and punished Scorpion mercilessly.


It begins innocuously enough with the two wrestlers squaring off but Luna immediately targets Scorpion’s knee with a kick with drops her rival, and once she has Scorpion grounded on the mats its all Luna.


She uses a variety of moves to injure the redhead’s knee further including leg spreaders, figure four leglocks, single leg boston crabs, stomps, kicks and knees.


Scorpion is helpless to do anything but beg for Luna to stop, screaming in agony at the pain being inflicted to her weakened leg.


It is a mercy when Luna’s appetite for destruction is sated as she flexes in victory whilst standing on the injured knee.


Luna wears a red lycra speedo swimsuit, black kneepads, black lonsdale short boots with black socks


Scorpion wears a white crop top, with black mesh crop top, denim daisy duke shorts, white football socks, with black short boots and a white kneepad over the injured knee.


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