SGR0183 Glamazon - Total Pro Demolition

Chloe Davis is known as the Glamazon for a reason, she is 6ft 3 inches of pure power and is a destructive force of nature.  Her opponent is El Chihuahua whose only accolade is being the worst dressed wrestler in history and for being fearless in the face of overwhelming odds.


You almost feel sorry for him, and Chloe Davis is distinctly unimpressed, so she does what she does best which is to belittle and destroy him.


She lifts him with ease, overpowers him in every test of strength and tests his flexibility in a variety of moves including camel clutches and full nelsons.


El Chihuahua tries to fight back and even foolishly attempts to body slam Chloe Davis, but he is unable to lift his larger foe.  She punishes him with slams, splashes and stomps, lifting him frequently in an impressive feats of strength.


From the outset this match was only going to go one way, and that was with a victorious Glamazon posing above a broken Lucha whose cries of agony have echoed around the mats.


Chloe Davis wears camo lycra swimsuit with white pro boots

El Chihuahua wears his trademark wrestling gear and lucha mask.


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