SGR0182 USA vs UK - Madison Swan vs Inferno - Shiny Pro Wrestling

It’s another intercontinental battle as experienced red-headed Brit Inferno steps onto the mats to take on lithe American Madison Swan.


This starts rather evenly with both ladies scoring submissions, although Inferno’s size, experience and willingness to resort to dirty tactics such as standing on hair, foot and breast smothering begins to edge this war in her favour.  It’s actually the size difference which swings it to the Brit’s favour as she is able to lift, bearhug and rack the young American.


Madison is stretched with boston crabs and camel clutches for good measure until she has to concede the battle and admit that Britain is best!!


Inferno wears a scarlet shiny spandex thong bikini

Madison Swan wears a turquoise shiny spandex thong bikini.


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