SGR0181 No Bone Left Unbroken - Destroyed by Scorpion

Filmed at the height of summer when the heat was unbearable, Scorpion was in a bad mood, a mood which didn’t improve when she discovered that her opponent was the worst dressed wrestler.


Yes, it is poor El Chihuahua in his garish attire that has drawn the short straw and must face Scorpion on this particular day.


The Mexican Marvel is in serious trouble because facing a pissed off Scorpion is a bad idea.  Basically, she kicks his arse using an array of pro-moves such as DDT’s, Piledrivers and more as well as dirtier tactics such as nipple tweaks and punishing poor little El Chihuahua's puny balls.


Scorpion destroys and punishes him, the sweat dripping from her body until he can take no more, as she flexes above his pathetic form.


Scorpion wears a red shiny spandex micro bikini with white knee pads and pro-style leather wrestling boots

El Chihuahua wears a lucha mask and shiny leggings.


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