SGR0179 Dirty Tactics - Anastaxia vs Scorpion

This one is wild, as Scorpion and Anastaxia meet for a dirty tactics match.  Neither of these ladies hold any punches literally as the redhead and the blonde put each other through the ringer.


Their beautiful fit bodies are stretched, their faces contorted in agony as they use every hold in their repertoire to punish the other.  These ladies are skilled wrestlers and don’t need to break the rules, but they do so anyway.


Eyes are raked, bellies and abs are punched, crotches are mauled, and pussies are punched, interspersed with traditional and legal holds such as bearhugs, backbreakers, boston crabs, iron claw and dragon sleeper.


Eventually one screaming amazon is trapped in a camel clutch with a chain fish hooking her mouth and she has to concede the match.


Who is the winner?  You’ll have to purchase our wildest dirty tactics match to date to find out!


Scorpion wears a black crop top and thong panties with black pantyhose

Anastaxia wears a white crop top and thong panties


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