SGR0178 Lifted! Squashed! Slammed! Krusha punishes Luna Toxxxic

Luna Toxxxic must be crazy! No-one would think she would ever return to the SGR Mats after the punishment rained down on her by Scorpion in SGR0171.  But the petite blonde is back and this time to take on the mighty Krusha. In all seriousness one of Krusha’s biceps is wider than Luna’s waist, this is going to be a serious squash.


From the opening bell you have to give credit as she unleashes guttural cries as she rushes Krusha, but the bigger woman is having none of it and takes Luna to the mat and body splashes her and pins her while flexing her biceps.  All poor little Ms Toxxxic can do is struggle helplessly on the mat.


The name of this clip does exactly what it says on the tin as Krusha rag dolls Luna punishing her with splashes,. backbreakers, torture racks and even throat and crotch lifts her against the wall.


Inevitably Luna Toxxxic is a broken woman defeated on the mats while a smiling Krusha flexes her amazing biceps.  However, Luna will be back because she is fearless and maybe slightly unhinged.


Luna Toxxxic wears a gold spandex micro bikini

Krusha wears a black lycra thong leotard with shiny pantyhose


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