SGR0176 Huxley demolishes Porras

It’s been a while since we last saw Porras (SGR0156) but he now makes what he hopes will be a triumphant return.  Yeah right! The opponent lined up for him is the most physically imposing he has ever faced, American amazon Saharra Huxley.


The Hux has left a trail of broken bodies in her wake and is keen to add the masked wonder to this list.


As per usual, Porras starts out confidentally making disparaging comments to the American visitor even as she towers above him.  Bad move Porras. Once he is trapped between her powerful thighs with his ribs nearly broken as she squeezes the life out him, or his neck nearly snapped in her camel clutch or full nelson his bravado fades as fast as his willpower.


This imposing American destroys Porras as the sweat drips off of their bodies.  Porras is a broken man with a broken will and a broken body as Saharra roars at the camera another victim added to her tally.


Saharra Huxley wears a black lycra swimsuit, black fishnet tights, black kneepads and black leather heeled boots

Porras wears a white lucha mask, red venum flame lycra leggings and black leather boots


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