SGR0174 USA vs UK - Tomiko vs Inferno

A real USA vs UK battle as exotic American Tomiko takes on the relentless British redhead Inferno in this transatlantic war.


Both women are determined to win and are prepared to use any tactics necessary to pick up the win including belly punches, hairpulling, and raking fingernails.


Inferno’s famed flexibility is more than put to the test as Tomiko stretches her out forcing her leg right up past her head in one particularly wicked pin.  Beautiful features are sat upon, and more conventional wrestling moves are displayed such as bearhugs, camel clutches, surfboards and full nelson.


After this hard fought battle one proud woman is laid low following a prolonged body scissors and first forced to smell her opponent’s pantyhose clad foot, before suffering the indignity of a victory pose with the victor’s foot placed upon her prostrate form.

Is it a win for the fiery pale redheaded Brit or the tanned raven haired American?


Inferno wears a shiny purple spandex thong swimsuit with shiny nude pantyhose

Tomiko wears a shiny gold spandex thong swimsuit with shiny nude pantyhose


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