SGR0173 Krusha vs Scorpion - Shiny Test of Strength

It’s a battle of the powerhouses as weightlifter, Krusha takes on Scorpion in this Shiny Test of Strength.  The two strong women are keen to see who is stronger and waste no time in going forehead to forehead, fingers locked in the initial lock-up.


Their bodies strain in this protracted battle, their powerful frames clash as they exert maximum pressure but they are evenly matched.


Next they test each others muscles in a standing arm wrestle, biceps straining as they try to prove who is the better and stronger wrestler.  They grunt and groan with the exertion as their shiny thong leotards self wedgie due to the battle. But again they are evenly matched.


When a traditional collar and elbow tie-up still doesn’t prove decisive they wrap their arms around each other in a bearhug duel, lifting each other off of their feet, causing their thongs to rise even higher and adding to each other’s discomfort.


Will Krusha crush or will Scorpion sting?


Krusha wears a red shiny spandex thong leotard with nude shiny stirupped tights/pantyhose

Scorpion wears a blue shiny spandex thong leotard with nude shiny tights/pantyhose


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