SGR0172 Unreal Giantess Lifting Power

Diminutive Pink Fury is incensed she has found out that her boyfriend has been sleeping with someone called Princess, and she is not going to put up with it and is going to sort this other woman out.


She has got the address of where this so-called Princess hangs out and is going to sort her out once and for all.  Entering an office building the first thing she finds are some giant high heels which dwarf her feet as she kicks off her flip-flops.  She looks behind and sees a woman sat behind a desk that must be the jezebel. She gives the other blonde a piece of her mind and slaps her across the face.  This Pink Fury is a mistake of giant proportions, the other woman stands up and this woman is no ordinary Princess, she’s a giantess as she lifts the smaller blonde one handed against the wall by her blouse.


All Pink Fury can do is dangle there as she is helpless against the much, much larger woman. She is picked up by her skirt wediging her as she is lifted and then forcefully stripped to her bra and panties as she is woman handled by Princess Giantess.


And the punishment as only just begun as she is lifted by her ponytail by one hand, before a belt is tied around her boobs and she is leg lifted as if she was a weight at a gym, while the Princess doesn’t even break a sweat.


Finally a one handed choke lift puts Pink Fury out for the count, perhaps she will learn her lesson before mouthing off again in the future.


Pink Fury initially wears a green canvas blouse, grey skirt and black flip flops before being stripped down to black bra and panties.


Princess Giantess wears a black one-piece, black suspenders and black stockings


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