SGR0171 Lifted! Slammed! Squashed! Scorpion crushes Luna Toxxxic

What was petite blonde Luna Toxxxic thinking choosing Scorpion to be her first opponent at Strong Girls Rule?  


From the moment the match begins it is obvious that this is a clear mismatch and becomes even more obvious when Luna catches Scorpion in a headscissors and Scorpion stands up still in the scissors, spins round and powerbombs Luna to the mats and pinning her for a ten count.


It doesn’t get any better for Ms Toxxxic when she is lifted by her throat and slammed to the mat again, then receiving some body punches.splashed and stomach clawed.


This is just the start of a dismantling of Luna by a heel Scorpion, who carries her in a over the shoulder backbreaker whilst fish hooking the hapless blonde.


There is no need for Scorpion to reach into her dirty tactics playbook, but she still does using crotch claws, finger rakes and illegal punches to further punish the rookie.


A final ceiling hold mercifully ends the this one-sided trouncing and Luna looks close to tears as Scorpion flexes her muscles above her pain wracked body.


Luna Toxxxic wears a shiny grey spandex thong bikini and black nike wrestling shoes

Scorpion wears a shiny blue spandex thong swimsuit, shiny pantyhose and white wrestling boots

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