SGR0170 Megan Jones snaps a Dweeb in Two!

Megan Jones returns to SGR on her recent trip to the UK to take on Marky in this Pro-Style contest.


This poor schmuck may be able to match Megan in size but not in strength or skill as he is quite simply overwhelmed on the mats.  He is trapped between the American’s powerful pantyhose clad thighs and forced to tap. The punishment doesn’t end there as he is subjected to camel clutches, bow and arrows, reverse headscissors, breast smothered and facesat by the powerful Miss Jones.


She takes great pleasure in his suffering and clearly isn’t impressed by the quality of opposition offered up to her.


This brutal match is only going to go one away as poor Marky learns a painful lesson at the hand of the beautiful Megan.


Megan wears a shiny spandex swimsuit, shiny pantyhose and white pro boots

Marky wears a grey and black singlet


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