SGR0169 Dancer Blaze vs Ultimo Bert - Shiny Pro Match

Gorgeous, flexible dancer Blaze is back on the mats to take on Ultimo Bert in this Shiny Pro encounter.  Bert knows that to have any chance of winning he’s got to avoid getting trapped by Blaze’s dancer strong legs.


This is a tactic which he fails miserably at as he immediately finds his head trapped between her immensely powerful thighs and huge calves.  To his credit he tries to shake off the determined Blaze by slamming her to the mat but there is no escape from these legs.


What little strength he has is sapped as his face turns red, and a weakened Bert is then subjected to a variety of holds including camel clutches, grapevines, armbars and more punishing scissors.


Blaze is a force of nature and proves to Bert that there is nothing “Ultimo” about him at all.

It comes as no surprise when he finds himself flat on his back as Blaze, showing her flexibility performs the splits across his throat and flexes in her victory.


Blaze wears a purple shiny leotard with purple leg warmers and shiny pantyhose/tights

Bert wears Union Jack leggings


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