SGR0168 Dirty Tactics - Siren Max vs Scorpion - Shiny Pro War

Tanned blonde babe Siren Max makes her debut for Strong Girls Rule taking on Scorpion on the mats.  From the off Siren starts the trash talk and this continues throughout the entire match. Although it all seems friendly and good natured enough at the beginning of the match with both wrestlers smiling once the combat begins its all business.


As the ladies stretch and contort each’s fine physical forms in grapevines, scissorholds and boston crabs things start take a far more rule breaking approach as they begin to grab each other’s breasts, maul each other’s crotches and yank on each other’s hair.


These two are throwing out all the stops to win and punish her opponent, and they are prepared to use any and all tactics to do it.  Howls of agony and screams of frustration echo around the mat room.


One lady’s stamina starts to flag and her rival takes full advantage of it, pinning her down in a schoolgirl pin whilst flexing, as all her opponent can do it pant for breath as she is humiliated by the superior woman.


Scorpion wears shiny silver spandex bikini

Siren Max wears a neon pink lycra thong swimsuit


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