SGR0166 Black Panther vs Scorpion

We have brand new male on the SGR roster stepping onto the mats to take on Scorpion.  Black Panther is taller and heavier with a muscled physique, how will Scorpion fare against such a physically impressive opponent?


Black Panther is 6’1” and 105kg whereas Scorpion is 5’9” and 68kg. On paper it looks like a mismatch.  At the start of the match they compare biceps with Black Panther very dismissive of Scorpion’s. She tells him that when she beats him he will have to kiss and worship her flexed bicep.


Normally Scorpion is able overwhelm her male foes with her strength and skill, but after an initial test of strength it becomes obvious that on this day it will not be the case.  Black Panther is able to muscle Scorpion around and escape holds that would have lesser men tapping frantically to escape.


Frustrated Scorpion resorts to dirty tactics such as eye rakes but he returns the favour with hairpulling.  The game changer in this matchup is Scorpion’s ridiculously powerful leg muscles and her deadly scissorholds which start to take a dreadful toll on him.


But he keeps coming getting in holds of his own and Scorpion could be in real trouble here.


Eventually one wrestler is trapped in the dreaded banana split pin an embarrassing predicament whether you are male or female, and forced to kiss the winners flexed bicep.


Scorpion wears a sky blue shiny spandex micro bikini

Black Panther wears tight black spandex shorts


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