SGR0165 Blonde Brat Princess McKenzie dominates Bert - Mixed Pro Match

Bert must have thought he was going to have an easy day of it when he stepped onto the SGR mats against blonde pretty girl, Mckenzie.  The gorgeous Mckenzie in her neon pink swimming costume must have looked like easy pickings for Bert after some of the SGR wrestlers who have munched him on the mats.


Well you thought wrong Bert, this little princess may look like a barbie but she still absolutely destroys him on the mats wrapping her legs around him and squeezing hard.  She sits on his face and spreads his legs wide in grapevine pins.


Mckenzie looks like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, but she has a sadistic streak as she brutalises poor Bert and dominates him completely on the SGR mats.  Poor Bert looks battered and worn out as this pretty blonde babe has her way with him.


Finally Bert is completely smothered and suffocated in a complete facesit while the princess, Mckenzie flexes in victory on the throne she has made for herself out of Bert's face.


Mckenzie wears a neon pink “bad girl” motif swimsuit

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