SGR0164 Humiliated by The Hux - Scorpion gets a wedgie domination

The giant amazon, Saharra Huxley waits in her lair, she has been paid by man previously humiliated by Scorpion to teach her a lesson.  She has fooled Scorpion who thinks she has been invited into Saharra's lair to join her gang of female marauders, and tells Scorpion that before she joins the gang she will need to undertake an initiation test.


A strong firm handshake should have perhaps served as a warning of Scorpion as to what was to come, but Scorpion knows Saharra Huxley's reputation and is keen to join her.


As Scorpion stands obediently she is surprised by a chain between her legs lifting her high and causing her crotch some serious pain.  From there she is slammed face first into a steel cage while her gigantic tormentor grabs a handful of tights and wedging her high. The pantyhose dig deep into Scorpion's feminine areas causing her to cry out in pain.


Saharra removes Scorpion's bathing suit and attaches the back of Scorpion's pantyhose to a metal hook and using the controls begins to lift the British girl skyward.


The punishment continues with titty twisters and more wedgie punishment before Scorpion is lifted on the hook once more until the continued punishment tears the pantyhose to tatters whilst all Scorpion can do is hold her tortured lips and delicate crotch.


She has certainly be dominated, wedgied and embarrassed by the powerful Amazon, Saharra Huxley.


Saharra Huxley wears a black wetlook lycra swimsuit with metal studs, red & black open fingered workout gloves and black fishnet tights.


Scorpion initially wears a black skull motif lycra swimsuit and shiny pantyhose and is then stripped down to black bra and panties and the tatters of the shiny pantyhose.

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