SGR0162 Anastaxia demolishes London - Female Pro Wrestling

Diminutive London didn't fare to well in her match against Princess Giantess is SGR158, so decides to challenge a slightly smaller opponent in form of the gorgeous goddess Anastaxia.  The ever cocky and confident London genuinely believes that she has a chance against Anastaxia.


The size comparison is obvious from the start, as Anastaxia stands towering above the spunky London, and its obvious to everyone except her which way this one is going to go.


Anastaxia takes her time enjoying tormenting London and putting the upstart in her place.  London's curvy form is fully on display in figure hugging spandex as Anastaxia runs her through her paces.  You may even start to feel sorry for her as Anastaxia scissors, camel clutches, boston crabs and grapevines poor London, stretching her to her limits and forcing London to tap multiple times.


Even though this is a massive squash match, you have got to admire London's plucky courage as she keeps going trying to turn the tide, but against a wrestler as skilled and merciless as Anastaxia she doesn't stand a chance.


Just when you think the end is going to come, Anastaxia turns up the punishment lifting London up, stretching her crotch and spreading her legs wide.  London's confidence fades away as she realises she is in real trouble, and is relieved when the end comes via a handstand headscissors and Anastaxia pleased with her victory flexes above a battered, beaten and defeated London.


Anastaxia wears shiny gold spandex swimsuit with shiny pantyhose

London wears neon pink lycra swimsuit with shiny pantyhose

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