SGR0161 Low Blow Destruction - Jade demolishes Bert

Jade may appear sweet and innocent with her stunning girl next door looks and she is certainly an accomplished wrestler.  But beneath that alluring demeanour is a Jekyll and Hyde personality, whispered in hushed tones in the wrestling scene is “Evil” Jade and poor Bert is about to meet her.


The first signs that “Evil Jade” has surfaced are the stiff body punches before a wicked quick kick to his balls has Bert feeling sick as he drops to his knees.  Today is not going to be a good day for Bert.


Jade utilises her skill and experience to apply multiple holds on Bert such as armbars, grapevines and breath sucking scissors with her deceptively strong legs.  Each time Bert is trapped she backheels, punches or kicks his balls.


She sits on his face and tweaks his nipples and rubs her feet in his face to add to his humiliation.  Bert doesn’t stand a chance in the face of “Evil” Jade.


By the end he is begging for mercy, compliant to Jade’s commands as she performs various victory poses over his defeated form, and its all Bert can do his nurse his injured pride and cup his sore balls.


Jade wears a sky blue shiny spandex micro bikini.

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