SGR0160 Ivy smashes a wimp

Ivy lives up to her name as the Brazilian Bombshell, with her model looks and killer figure, many men and women have underestimated her.  Those looks hide a sadistic and mean streak practically unrivalled in the scene, as this male challenger is about to find out!


At first Ivy has to hold back her laughter at the puny male specimen in what could be the world’s worst wrestling gear stands before her, in contrast her red lycra swimsuit accentuates every beautiful curve.


There are no words to convey how outclassed this wimp is, and as the title suggests he does indeed well and truly get smashed!  Ivy picks apart in her usual dominating form using breast smothers, grapevines, boston crabs and devastating scissors which have him not groaning, not grunting, but squealing in pain.


Ivy is clearly not impressed with his pathetic squirming and screaming as she frequently ignores his taps to punish him even more.


As a final humiliation she commands him to get into a position and saunters off as he stays in place to afraid to move in case this imperious yet stunning female returns to really finish off his masculinity further.


Ivy wears a red lycra swimsuit with shiny tights

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