SGR0159 Veve Lane vs Scorpion - Shiny Pro Style

Scorpion faces off against talented hard-bodied American grappler Veve Lane in this shiny pro-style match.


It begins with the two wrestlers comparing biceps before testing each other in a test of strength.  But things don’t stay cordial for long as they both reach into the dirty tactics playbook, and rake and punch each other’s crotches.


It’s not all dirty tactics though as they punish each other with a variety of pro-moves including boston crabs and figure four leg locks.


But it’s their crotches which take the brunt of the punishment because apart from being punched, clawed and raked they are stretched beyond breaking point.


In fact the end of the match comes when one proud wrestler can take no more as she is pinned in the dreaded Banana Split pin, her legs spread wide as she is helpless to stop the punishment to her womanhood and her crotch and ass on show for the world to see as her spandex swimsuit rides up cutting into her feminine jewels while she professes “I don’t bend like that”.


The loser is left clutching her damaged crotch whilst the winner gloats.


Scorpion wears a gold shiny spandex swimsuit with shiny tights

Veve Lane wears a teal spandex swimsuit with shiny tights

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