SGR0158 Giantess Squashes London

London has got a lot of heart and doesn’t shy away from a challenge but the smack talking blonde may have overstepped the mark this time as she is facing debuting Princess Giantess across the SGR mats.


London is 5’0 and 50kg whilst Princess Giantess is 6’3 and at 125kg is more than double the blonde’s weight, someone is going to get squashed!


Unbelievably this match starts with a test of strength and it’s all downhill from there for London as she is lifted and sat upon and is helpless against the size and power of the Princess, who doesn’t really have to try too hard.


She lifts London off of her feet in a bearhug and holds her dangling, but mostly the Princess realises that London really isn’t worth the effort and embarasses her by just sitting on her and squashing her underneath her voluptuous form.


This one can really only go one way, and London is laid low before the might of Princess Giantess, perhaps she should change her name to Princess Goldberg because the question surely is “Who’s Next?”


London wears a white spandex thong Halcyon leotard with shiny /pantyhose tights, white kneepads and boots

Princess Giantess wears a black long-sleeved leotard with black pantyhose/tights.

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