SGR0157 Allie Parker dominated by Scorpion - Dirty Tactics Pro Match in the Ring

Beautiful American grappler Allie Parker makes the mistake of taking on British redhead Scorpion in the ring.  The cardinal error Miss Parker made was thinking that the dastardly Scorpion would play by the rules, a rookie error for such an experienced wrestler!


From the moment they lock-up Scorpion targets Allie’s beautiful eyes repeatedly raking them making it easy for her to punish the practically blind American beauty.


It’s a good tactical move by the Brit, because when your opponent can’t see it makes it a lot easier to punish her with figure four leglocks, bearhugs, leg spreaders and to cheat even further by stomping on her crotch and biting.


The optical assault continues when Allie is trapped in a camel clutch, there is no escape from the pain and no visible exit whilst blinded by the raking fingernails of Scorpion.


Scorpion even resorts to a low blow which drops Allie and enabling her to apply one final submission which has the American giving her final submission.


The punishment doesn’t end there as Scorpion picks up a rope whipping her, hogtieing and applying more punishment by spraying chemicals into her eyes.


Ms Parker will think twice before facing the dreaded Scorpion again!


Allie Parker wears matching blue Calvin Klein sports bra and bottoms with white shiny tights

Scorpion wears matching black sports bra and bottoms with black tights

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