SGR0156 Inferno smashes Porras - Shiny Mixed Wrestling Pro Style

It’s been a while since Porras has made an appearance at SGR, tired of the relentless losses against Scorpion and Killpussy, he’s going to try his luck against Inferno.


Alas apart from one he shoves the fiery redhead at the start it makes the end of any offence the masked marvel can enjoy as he is surgically picked apart by the talented grappler, Inferno.


Following a very brief test of strength which has Porras howling in pain he finds himself either between the flexible Inferno’s powerful thighs being scissored, his legs spread wide in a grapevine or her fingers in the side of his mouth as she punishes him in a fish hook camel clutch.


Inferno doesn’t even break a sweat in defeating Porras and a final figure four headscissors leaves his corpse in its usual place face down on the mat while Inferno looking stunning in her figure hugging swimsuit places a foot on his spine and flexes in victory.


Inferno wears a sky blue lycra swimsuit with shiny tights and pro boots.

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