SGR0154 6ft Amazon Venus debut - Scorpion gets Amazon initiation

Scorpion welcome 6ft tall amazon Venus to SGR Wrestling, just to show her the ropes for a little training session.  It’s unusual to see Scorpion look small standing next to another wrestler, but Venus is so much taller.


It begins with the two wrestlers comparing bodies with Venus showing off her size 9 feet and commenting that Scorpion’s boobs only come up to her belly button.


They begin a series of strength contests including bearhugs (which sees Venus picking Scorpion up and spinning her round like a rag doll), standing arm wrestling and test of strength, and it’s that final contest where things go from a training session to something more competitive as Venus uses her size advantage to drive Scorpion off the mats and into the corner of the room.


Scorpion is not happy with this cocky debutante and is keen to teach her a lesson, but it is new girl, Venus that teaches Scorpion a lesson.  She traps her between her long and powerful thighs in an unescapable scissor that has Scorpion is real trouble, she effortlessly lifts her over her shoulder spanking her ass, and makes her admit that Amazon girls are better.


Venus demonstrates this by wiping the floor with Scorpion and posing over her defeated form, a magnificent debut by an amazing new grappler to SGR.  Scorpion will definitely want her revenge.


Venus wears a leopard print high cut swimsuit with shiny stirrup tights

Scorpion wears a sky blue shiny high cut swimsuit with shiny stirrup tights

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