SGR0153 Giantess Lifting Power

Princess Giantess has already destroyed London in SGR0158 and now she demonstrates her tremendous size and strength against Dave.


She wastes little time in lifting the diminutive Dave by his throat in a prolonged chokelift all the time professing her superiority as there is little that Dave can do but dangle and obey her commands.


She drops him to the mat and plants a foot on his chest pressing down as he cries out in pain. As he tells the Princess that she is crushing him, it is a wholly different part of his anatomy which is crushed next as she lifts him with her feet planted on his balls.  He dangles there in great pain whilst the Princess lies there relaxed as if to say that destroying Dave’s nuts is no effort at all.


As the encounter progresses the punishment alternates between Dave’s weedy neck and his sore balls as he is lifted high in devastating throat lifts and then more than 7ft up in air by his balls by the Princess’s long and powerful legs.


By the end Dave is left a crumpled mess on the mats.


Princess Giantess wears black blouse, black leggings and black socks

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