SGR0152 Gia Love vs Scorpion - Test of Strength

Scorpion and Gia Love they work out at the same gym and they’ve taken a bit of a dislike of each other, so much so that they have decided to meet in a private apartment to work out their differences woman to woman.


They have agreed to match up against each other in a series of strength tests to settle once and for all who is the strongest.


They begin by comparing their bodies paying close attention to the biceps, thighs and back muscles.  It’s obvious that they are extremely closely matched in height and weight.


What follows is a series of prolonged tests of strength including locking fingers, collar and elbow tie-up, front and reverse bearhugs before taking things down to the mat.


The two buxom grapplers bodies are intertwined and they squeeze, choke and entangle the other, it doesn’t take too long before this sweaty battle takes a more erotic turn.  The hotness and closeness of their bodies begins to make both the Brit and her American counterpart aroused as their bodies rub and writhe on the mats.


By the end both spent grapplers are sprawled on the mat, breathing heavy and with no clear winner in this woman vs woman contest they vow to meet again.


Scorpion wears a gold shiny spandex high cut leotard with bare legs

Gia Love wears a pink lycra high cut leotard with bare legs


Inevitably there are minor wardrobe malfunctions with copious amounts of side boob displayed.

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